The Video doorbell with IM door-opening function

HelloDoor Skype Doorphone
 Touchscreen doorbell device for Skype for Business

Are you looking for a beautiful doorbell/reception device that is designed for Lync and Skype for Business?

  Does it need to be a safe enclosure that is fit for a visitor area?

   Does it need to have integrated video?

   Do you want to be able to open the door or parking barrier from your Lync or Skype for Business client (on your Mac, PC or Smartphone)?

You have come to the right place…


Skype for Business client answering a doorbell call


HelloDoor is a doorphone device with touchscreen that has full integration with Lync/ Skype For Business/ Office365, for voice and video!

Speak to your visitors if they ring, and see them in your Lync/ Skype for Business client.

Open the door from your Lync/Skype For Business client with a simple IM (chat) message.


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Customer cases from all over the world:

TasThis Australian Energy company TasNetworks uses Skype for Business and has two Reception areas that now run the HelloDoor solution. Visitors can announce themselves to company employees. They can communicate via the Skype for Business client and the integrated video-stream shows the visitor.


SynerMed, a United States-based healthcare specialist, has remote offices. HelloDoor assures that doorbell calls are always answered, even if nobody is present locally. The door can also be opened remotely if needed.

Flanders Investment and Trade, based in Belgium (Europe), uses Skype for Business to communicate between its more than 90 offices WorldWide. In the Brussels office visitors will be welcomed by HelloDoor.