How does the HelloPorta work?

  • Voice AND video: speak to your visitors if they ring and see them in your Skype for Business/Teams client
  • Open your door with a simple chat message

HelloPorta: so simple to use


1. Touching a button on the HelloPorta touchscreen will make a Skype for Business/Teams video-call to the configured SIP-address.

How It Works 2

2. The called Skype for Business/Teams user can speak to the person at the door (voice) and see him/her (video).

How It Works 3

3. With an Instant Message (chat) command the door can be opened (this needs the optional Dooropener IP Relay hardware).

Why our customers love HelloDoor

Open door remotely via Instant Message from the Skype for Business/teams client

One or multiple bell-buttons (easy change in setup file)

Skype for Business /Teams integrated voice AND video

Video-call on PC, Mac or smartphone Skype for Business clients

Safe enclosure that is fit for a visitor area

No gateway or server-software needed: acts as a standard SfB-client