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Connecting Your Visitors to Your Teams

Answer Unit (Skype for B)

$ 1.345,10 (VAT exclusive)

HelloAnswer is a Skype for Business answering unit for HelloDoor calls. A visitor’s call can now be answered by anyone present at all times.

HelloAnswer can be placed at Reception desks or mounted at Office walls.

It allows to respond to a visitor’s call coming from a HelloDoor device in the company’s visitor entrance area.

The receiver person, in front of the HelloAnswer device, can speak to the visitor at the door (voice) and can also see the visitor (video).

By tapping on the “open-door” image on the screen, the door can be unlocked remotely (this works also when not in a call).
Answering unit for HelloDoor calls

  • Voice AND video: speak to your visitors if they ring and see them on the screen
  • Open the door for your visitor with the push of a button

The pricing is composed of a one-time hardware price and a monthly subscription price for software and support. The subscription has a yearly prepayment.


Optional accessories

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