Custom Kiosk Projects

HelloDoor can take care of your custom Kiosk projects that need Videocall integration. Placing Kiosks and offering your customers the possibility to contact a remote specialist by means of a videocall adds a lot of value: the customer feels he is personally assisted by your company and his request is really taken care of. No telephone robot or endless “Press 1 for Support” responses, but a real person with a real solution. It is also efficient: limited trained staffing in a central office is enough to help your customers in all your locations, in person! And your customer is being helped by a real specialist, face to face, where otherwise they would probably not have that specialist answer.

Project samples:

  • University: information Kiosks on campus with a button to contact security. A videocall to security assures the person feeling unsafe that a real security person provides help, the security guard can better assess the situation seeing the person calling and his/her situation.
  • Hotel chain: Chinese hotel guests in the different hotels from the chain can go to a concierge Kiosk to start a videocall to a Chinese speaker (that is sitting in the central office) that will help them with their questions/problems in their own language.
  • Fitness chain: customers can go to a kiosk in each branch that starts a videocall to the central Personal Coach that will go over their training plan, review the progress and make recommendations. Of course, customers can ask all the questions they might have and get specialist answers.
  • Car Wash/Self-service Laundry: Info/payment kiosks in the unattended branches have an Assistance button that will start a videocall to a central helpdesk.
  • Chemical Plant: visitors to the plant first need to watch a safety video and answer certain questions before entrance is allowed.
  • DIY Store chain: Customers can get specialist information regarding the products on sale in the store. A kiosk allows the touchscreen selection of the product category and a videocall is started to the specialist sitting in the central office. A videocall offers the possibility for the customer to show things to the specialist to detail his/her request. One specialist can help people in a lot of stores without being present in each of them.
  • Smart City: City Kiosks with videocall support can be used by tourists to get city-information from a central Visitor Center employee; citizens can contact city-personnel to report/discuss community issues.
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HelloDoor Customer Project Success Story

Levi’s: HelloHR

Levi’s wanted its personnel in satellite offices to be able to contact the central Human Resources department (at its HQ in Houston) in full confidence, when these employees have to discuss an employment or personal problem.

For this, HelloDoor worked with Levi’s for a custom Videocall solution. Levi’s installed private booth-spaces in satellite offices, that each are equipped with a touchscreen system running custom HelloDoor software. The employee is welcomed by an explanation video and he/she can start a voicecall to the central HR department by pressing a button on the screen. A HR employee will answer the call and will ask if it is acceptable to add video to the call. If agreed, a videocall will start and the employee can discuss his/her personal issue in full confidence.

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We build on our experience with our HelloDoor videocall doorbell/intercom and our HelloLisa virtual reception, both integrated with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. Using the Office 365 cloud platform as the videocall backbone makes the solution reliable, cheap, easy to use and quick to deploy. We can also make your project work: contact us today.